"Lucky" in that the first two that I sold were used on dogs that had either not won (or won big) until that day, and then had great results with their new leads!

  • Leash #1 (dark brown with gold beads) - used on a Brittany puppy who had been entered as for experience only - Best of Breed over specials!
  • Leash #2 - (black with bone and Jade beads) - used on a Smooth Fox Terrier, whose highest placement prior to that day had been a group 3rd - won the group over the previous day's BIS winner, and, has since finished his American championship, owner handled.
  • All leads are hand braided of Kangaroo leather, considered to be one of the strongest leathers available.  For more information on the whys and hows of this, click here.  I use a center core that prevents breakage and excessive stretching (all leather leads stretch somewhat).  My leather is imported direct from Australia and is of the highest quality.  I only use tannery dyed leathers - I will not 'paint' color onto my leads.  This may limit the colors available, but ensures that you get a quality product.

    Bead clusters and combinations are carefully thought out.  I use lampwork glass, semi-precious stones, silver, cloisonne etc., whatever it takes to get the effect YOU want.  All bead clusters are held in place with proper knots, as opposed to simply sliding beads over the braid, or gluing on a scrap of leather to hold the beads in place.  Knotting ensures that the beads will not shift position as well as giving the lead a more finished look.

    New!  Decorative knots are now available to be placed anywhere you want on your lead.  Whether single or multi-colored, these elegant knots add another touch of uniqueness to every lead.  Check out the example page for samples.

    There are a lot of people making and selling Kangaroo leads however, I am extrememly proud of my work and continually do my best to improve my knowledge and skills.  My many repeat customers are a testimonial to the quality and workmanship of my leads.

    Notice how the lace edges are rough
    Lace edges are now closer together - and smoother
    Finished product - soft, smooth and easy on the hand

    For more information, you can contact me at braiding@kangaroolead.com or look me up at a show in British Columbia or the Pacific Northwest.  Email me for my show schedule.

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