Pictures of completed leads and bead clusters/combinations.  I also have some limited edition or one of a kind lampwork beads.  Just because you don't see something you like here, doesn't mean I haven't got it - please email me with questions.

Visit the Canine Models page for more pictures!

Dark brown with turquoise colored beads and silver cubes.
This lead (approx. 24" long) was stolen, and might appear at shows in Texas and New Mexico.  Please contact me if you see it.

This is the 'Patriot' lead - an all-in-one slip lead ordered by Pam Waldron for one of her Champion Brussells Griffon.  This lead features a decorative knot on the handle.  For a larger, clearer photo of the lead, click on the picture.

30" lead ordered by Baizette Blackstock for her Afghan, "Coal".  This lead features a two color knot near the handle.  For a larger, clearer photo, click on the picture.

This is a 'torpedo lead' - an all-in-one lead and choke combination.  The swivel connects the collar to the lead, and prevents the lead from twisting.

Handle and bead detail on a 5' slip lead, ordered by Gerri Shurb, for her group winning smooth Brussels Griffon.

This is the 'Pinkie' on a tan and white diamond patterned lead.  This is the fourth lead ordered by Linda McLean of Shalybon Cockers.  Notice the cut-out areas on the gold beads, allowing the color of the leather to show through.

Detail of a frog lead ordered for a French Bulldog breeder.

A striking red and black 6 foot lead ordered by Gayle McLean for her Springer Spaniel.  For a larger, clearer picture, click on the image.

Fancy Collars

Twenty four inch black slip collar with black and tan pineapple knots.  I am no longer offering braided collars for sale, due to the wearing action of the metal ring on the leather.  Too many collars are ruined within 6 months, and I feel it is a waste of the customer's money.

Bead combinations

Black and white pony beads with silver

Amber with silvertone beads

A combination of blue beads on a black and blue lead.

A great combination of spring colors.  Center bead is a custom lampwork piece.

A combination of turquoise coloured glass with edging on the corner that is reminiscent of gold flecks or veining.  Combined with a white and natural lead, this becomes a very elegant, yet dramatic, combination.

A stunning combination of red and tan leather, paired with silver beads and a red glass bead that has a slight irridescent finish to it.

Another Frog bead combination.  These frogs are available in pink, blue, red, and orange.

Neutral beads blend nicely with the lead for someone who wants a bit of bling, but prefers a more subtle appearance.

Silver Combination #1

Silver Combination #2

Silver Combination #3 - the grey spacer rings can be changed to any one of several other colors

Silver combination #4

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