Leather Color & Braid Samples

Colors currently in stock:
black, white, tan (reddish brown), blonde, brandy (light brown), cognac (lighter than medium, darker than brandy), medium brown, dark brown (almost black it is so dark), red, yellow, purple, pink, turquoise, blue, apple green, fern green, grey (!), metallic gold & silver.

Combinations of two colors can be done with either a striped, swirled or spotted pattern.

Examples of the three types of bi-color braid.  The top is Striped (tan & natural), middle is Swirl (dark brown & red) and the bottom is Spotted (tan & natural) Purple and Black
Blue and White Diamond braidRed and white diamond braid.
Tan and Natural with a white braid for color comparison. Tan with Medium Brown.
Purple & GoldRed & Black

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