You can see my leads with some of the top dogs (and their handlers) in North America, England, Europe, New Zealand and Scandinavia.

Basenji, Am. Ch. Taji's Go For Baroque comes out of retirement at the age of 9 1/2 years of age to get her final point - and does so in style - Group 1st from the classes - Wearing a Lucky Lead!  Betty is owned by Katie Campbell, and was handled to this win by Beth Hilborn, PHA.
Hi Beth,

Here is one for you! As you know all of my dogs have their own "special" leads. I ordered a particularly beautiful one for Alix, my "Swedish Meatball" It is pink and black with beautiful beads. With that lead, and Teri Taplin on the other end of the lead, Alix went BOB over the top poodle in Canada at last year's LMDF show in Abbotsford. I could not have asked for anything more!! (Well except a Gr 1 ) Thanks, Beth, the lucky leads really are that and beautiful, too!

Mary-Jo Winters,
WinterGarden Poodles

Another BIS winner!  Standard Poodle, Ch. Tango The King And I (Solomon) goes Best In Show at Red Deer KC!
Hi Beth,
We got the kangaroo lead today--and LOVE it!! It is just GORGEOUS and I will be back for more! I've put up a link at: I had ordered several on a special deal from somebody on XXXXX XXXXX and they are terrible--pinch and are just nasty. Kaitlin refuses to use them at all. The one that you made is soft, flexible plus being SO pretty with the beads.
We've been working with lead training Geisha. She was just starting to cooperate on the lead (maybe she likes the new lead too??) so we took her up to Hiram College. Next time will be better, but we finally have some moving stills and video. :)



I got the leash yesterday. Unbelieveably beautiful!! I can't thank you enough.
We have the Detroit Kennel Club benched show next weekend and I am thrilled that the leash arrived in time to strut our stuff there!

Thanks again,
Betsy Hodges and Auggie the Doggie

Hi Beth

The leash came today it looks fantastic!!! Very smart looking, my daughter loves it. I love the idea of initials just in case someone thinks they can walk away with it. I will try and get a decent picture of our boy with his new lead.



Hi Beth,
do you want a testimonial about just how lucky the leash was??
We won two BIS and a group first on the third day!.
My schnauzer bitch has had a pretty good year to date, but this topped it off!
All my friends wanted to borrow the leash to see if the luck rubbed off.

Louise Gordon

Another BIS winner! The Dalmatian, Ch. Tramac Joyride'n With Spotlight, handled by Shea Skinner was BIS at the Salem, OR shows November 2006.
Tanner was the Breed winner Westminster KC (2008) as well.

Hi Beth.
I got the leash today. THANK YOU. What a lovely job you did. That braiding is so perfectly done and I sure love the beads you chose. I will let you know for sure if the lucky part you added works too. We will be showing in March I hope.

Lee Anne Laponder

After reading a post about Beth's hand-made leads, I was intrigued - why not have a stunning lead to set off a lovely poodle?!? So I contacted Beth and she came up with some different bead combinations, photographed them, and then let me chose which look I liked best. Well, it was so lovely, I had to order a second lead in different colours and beads for Paris.

I received the leads today, and they are sooo beautiful. Beth was incredibly helpful and creative coming up with the different bead and colour choices - so I received exactly what I wanted.
Oh, I can't wait to see them in the show ring.......

Catherine King
Splendent Standard Poodles

Good Morning Beth.

Just to let you know that the lead arrived. It's perfect and the colours look great with Lucy's coat. Thanks once again.


Hi Beth,

Just wanted you to know that the lead and collar arrived in the mail today safe & sound. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! It fits Miss Dash to a tee!!! Looks gorgeous on her too!!! I'm just blown away by your workmanship and the silver and bead combinations are exquisite!!! JUST FABULOUS!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
Anyway, thank you so very much again for the beautiful leash. Dash will wear it at the Dartmouth show, Mothers' Day weekend and I know that there will be lots of folks who will enquire about it. I will definitely let everyone know about you and your custom-made leads!!

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