Lead Pricing:
Leather Size available: 3/32" - out of stock 1/8"
Price per lead, includes finger loop only.  IF you want a wrist loop, you will be charged for the additional braiding. 36" - $57.00
48" - $70.00
over 48" - email for a quote
36" - $57.00
48" - $70.00
over 48" - email for a quote
'Resco'-style leads $90.00 $100.00
Braided 'slip' (choke) collars
Martingale collars
$1.10/inch ($15.00 minimum)
$1.25/inch ($20.00 minimum)
Colors in stock: Black, Dark Brown, White, Grey, Tan, Blonde, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Med. Brown, Brandy, Camel, Jade, Fern, Apple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Metallic Gold, Silver, Pewter Black, Brown, Tan, Dark Grey (appears black in most light); Pink, Purple, Red, Med. Brown, Natural, Blue, Jade, Lime, Lavender, Turquoise
Shipping by regular mail within North America is $5.00 for the first item, additonal items are $.75 each.  There is an additional charge for insurance, or overnight/2nd day delivery.

Most beads are included at no additional cost, the exception being gold, silver, jade or lampwork.  Leads can be made with regular or toy snaps, rings (similar to a kennel or slip lead) or with a loop for attaching to your favorite collar.
I can also braid directly onto a choke chain, but request you supply it.  I recommend purchasing the choke chain through Pupular Pet Products with arrangements to have it shipped directly to me or for pick up at a local show.

For more information, you can contact me at braiding@kangaroolead.com or look me up at a show in British Columbia or the Pacific Northwest.  Email me for my show schedule.

Determine how long you want your lead to be.  Measure your favorite lead from snap to end  I find most people prefer a 36" to 40" lead.
Then determine your color preferences, and bead styles.  Do you want bright 'bling' or subtle?  Major contrast or blended?  Snap preference - silver or black or gold or brass finish?
Once you have determined what you want, please complete the form below, and I will be in contact with you shortly.  Please note, I travel to many shows so it may be several days before I am able to confirm your order and provide bead samples.

If you do not hear anything from me within 7 days, then assume this form is somewhat faulty, and contact me directly at braiding@kangaroolead.com

*If you wish to order a slip or martingale collar only, fill in only the length, color, contact information and make a note in the comment box.*

Lead order

Your name:
Email contact
Home Telephone:
Lead length:
Primary Color:
Secondary Color:     Braid Style - Stripe, Spotted or Swirl
(leave 2nd box blank if no 2nd color)  example
Lead Style :
Snap end - Select one: chrome black goldtone brass
Toy chrome Toy brass
Slip lead (ring on end)

Braided onto collar

Braided loop

Torpedo (swivel between lead and collar) Collar length
Primary Bead Colors (ie - pinks, blues) :
Secondary Colors (ie - silver, gold):
Decorative knot on the handle?
example  If yes, make note of color here:
Primary breed this lead is going to be used on:
Use this box for comments or questions

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