Pre-made Items!

Occasionally I have pre-made items for sale.  All of the leads on this page have at least two 150# test strength cores for added strength.

Available right now (click the photo for a larger version) :
  • White, teal and royal blue snap lead. White AB focal bead with teal and crystal spacers, translucent glass beads and silver spacers.  SOLD!
  • Teal with silver 36" snap lead.  No beads on this 6 strand lead, but with the silver lace forming a chevron pattern, it doesn't needs any to be fancy.  4 strands of 150# test core inside. sold
  • Pink 36" snap lead. The bead combination on this lead consists of a teal based fireglass focal, pink crystals in sterling silver rings, teal glass rings and silver end spacers. &55.00 SOLD!
  • White 48" snap lead, two center cores.  Three bead sets: two accent combinations of royal blue beads (with a purple hue), silver sparklers with an AB finish and silver end spacers.  The main bead set consists of a matching royal blue faceted bead, two blue side beads (identical to the accent beads), silver sparkle spacers with AB finish and the silver end spacers.  $70.00 SOLD!!
  • 40" espresso brown & bronze metallic with gold snap.  One bead cluster - focal is a bronze facetted glass, with sparkle gold spacers, gold discs and black and bronze glass beads: $60.00
    This is very subtle, classy lead is sold! (but could be duplicated)
  • 36" Spring green (Apple) & white with silver snap.  Two sets of bead clusters, main cluster is a light green cat's eye bead with dichorics and sparkle spacers: $55.00 Sold, but can be duplicated
  • 36" Teal, black and gold with gold snap.  One bead cluster with gold, sparkle spacers and light blue (Robin's Egg blue actually:)$50.00Sold, but can be duplicated
  • 36" Purple & silver with silver snap.  One bead cluster with silver, black, sparkle spacers and purple facted beads: $50.00 Sold, can be duplicated
  • 36" Blue, grey & navy with silver snap.  One bead cluster with silver, grey enamel, sparkle spacers, navy blue beads with a lighter blue focal bead: $50. SOLD!
  • 36" Raspberry pink & white with silver snap.  One bead cluster with silver, white, raspberry and sparkle spacer beads, focal bead is a faceted irridescent white: $50.00Sold, but can be duplicated
  • 36" Navy & gold with silver snap.  Dark blue, sparkle spacers and dark blue Goldstone beads (should call it Bluestone but!) $55.00.   Sold, but can be duplicated.
  • 48" White, teal & Silver with silver snap.  Two bead clusters- first is a small pale blue with silver on either side, the main cluster is a pale blue and silver focal bead with pale blue enamel, sterling silver with CZ crystal and silver beads on either side $70.00 SOLD - can be duplicated

  • email to inquire further.

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