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    I am a life member of the Canadian Kennel Club. My 35+ years experience as a both a successful all-breed professional handler, as well as a breeder of quality Toy Poodles, gives me a unique perspective of official show/event photography. I understand how dogs are supposed to be photographed, I comprehend the subtle nuances of breed type, as well as correct structure and how to maximize positive attributes while minimizing any negatives.
    As a photographer, my candid and portrait work has been published in the majority of Canadian all breed magazines, and used to illustrate articles in major Canadian and American magazines (Dogs In Review, Dog News, Canine Review, etc. ). Top quality computer skills, equipment and camera knowledge combine with extensive dog show knowledge to provide a service to exhibitors and clubs that is without equal.

    What your club can expect:

    • Professional quality equipment.
    • Multiple viewing stations (up to five) that allow exhibitors to view and order photos without feeling rushed.
    • Extensive promotion of your event through social media.
    • Donations to raffles, auctions, trophy funds, etc. upon request, as well as occasional "purchase raffles" for merchandise, gift baskets or free orders.
    • Props and backdrops that change between clubs. Seasonal or holiday themes require different, unobtrusive props and backgrounds, and these are supplied at no charge to the club.
    • Fully self contained. I supply my own tables and chairs.

    What exhibitors can expect:

    • Photo proofs arrive at the viewing stations within seconds of being taken. No more waiting for downloading or cropping.
    • The ability to view, pay for and receive their orders the same day (the exception being the last day of the show).
    • Print orders that are filled as quickly as possible, with the majority of orders received at the show available for pickup on site.
    • Photographs are printed on a commercial printer.
    • Proofs emailed at no charge for exhibitors that were unable to view at the show, or owners who were not in attendance.
    • Each and every image ordered is individually processed to maximize quality and clarity.
    • All Junior Handling class winners receive free efiles.

    I was the first photographer in BC (possibly Western Canada) to offer immediate, secure and paper-less Visa/Mastercard AND Debit processing at the show - making the photo purchase process fast, convenient and safe for the exhibitor.
    I am the only photographer that actively and consistently promotes your event through social media - at NO charge to the club. All advertising is good, free advertising is great!

    PHILOSOPHY: I believe that each club and exhibitor has unique needs, and it is my job to do whatever I can to fulfill those needs. I believe that constantly researching ways of making the entire photographic experience to be the most efficient and enjoyable it can be is the only way to provide excellent customer service, something that I strive to provide to each and every club and exhibitor.

    I do not publish proofs online. You, as the purchaser should be the one that determines when, and if, the public should see your photo. If you wish to request proofs from an event, please send an email to "dogshots at shaw.ca" with the name of the show, breed and judge (if known).

    taken at Westminster Kennel Club. ©Larisa Hotchin 2011

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