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Who is DogShots Photography?

  • Full-time dog show photography, based in British Columbia.
  • First show photographer in BC to offer immediate, paper-less, Visa/Mastercard and debit processing at the show.
  • Offering same day order completion (contingent on workload), with emails sent each night, and print orders mailed within the week.
  • Backdrops are purchased for each club's exclusive use, with no two clubs having the same background in their photos.
  • The only Canadian photographer that actively and consistently promotes events through social media - at NO charge to the club.


    (Photo credit- Larissa Hotchin, taken at Westminster Kennel Club)
    Beth is DogShots Photography.  Her background as a Professional Handler and successful breeder of Toy Poodles has given her a deep understanding of purebred dogs.  This gives her the ability to photograph dogs in the best possible manner.  Beth is a lifetime member of the CKC, and an active member of several all breed clubs.  Her belief in the future of the sport of dogs is evidenced in her support of Junior Handlers with free photos of their wins.
    David is the creative consultant at DogShots and the customer service end of the business.  He has input regarding the many props, floral arrangements, and backdrops.  His assistance with esthetics and composition is an important factor in getting you the best photo possible.  David is a very successful breeder/owner/handler of Basenjis.
    (Pictured left, at his happy place, Disneyland.   Photo credit Tracy Lee)