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2022 Events:

Vernon & District KC

Fun In The Sun - Pacific KC + Specialties

Upper Island Circuit
Alberni & Glacier View
Opening late July 5th



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What is K9 Coordinator?  An easily navigated, central location for canine event management services.   From grooming space and RV parking reservations to health clinic and seminar bookings - we can do it all for your club or event at minimal cost.


Grooming area layout/floor taping (events held in Chilliwack/Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island) is available, and negotiated privately with each club.  


Grooming & RV space size, location (assigned or pick your own) as well as cost, is strictly the host club's decision.   K9 Coordinator will suggest options that favor the exhibitor, but, has no actual say in the matter, and all funds paid for space are paid to the club.

For pricing, please send an email to K9 Coordinator, with the name of your club, event date, and what services you are interested in.

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