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SWIFTSURE DESIGNS is pleased to offer the following items. All our items are handcrafted of the highest quality and come with a full money-back guarantee. Ordering information is located at the bottom of this page.


2" Bling (BK-8) collar modelled by Clarence Gelwick's Summer.   BLING (BK8) trim in 2", 1.5", 1"

Our very popular all-in-one collar and leash combo. The collar and lead are made of soft nylon webbing with a decorative ribbon trim on the collar which is lined with soft fleece. They come in two widths: 2" wide collar with 1" wide 5 foot long attached leash, or a 1" wide collar with a 5/8"wide 6 foot long attached leash. Both are available in any neck size and are very popular with all breeds, especially sighthounds and coated breeds. The narrower width is ideal for puppies and toy breeds.

Webbing colors available: black, brown, red, royal blue, navy blue, purple, hot pink, green, neon yellow and silver/grey.   We have a wide variety of ribbon trims in all colors including metallic golds/silvers, florals, geometrics, and tapestry designs. We also offer a choice of black or cream lining for the collar.

* 2" wide collar with attached 1" wide, 5 foot long leash - $30.00
- add $2.00 for each additional foot of leash and $1 per inch for collar size over 12"
* 1" wide collar with attached 5/8" wide 6 foot long leash- $25.00
- add $2.00 for each additional foot of leash and $1 per inch for collar size over 12"
Some of the many trim choices we have available for the 2" collars:

1" combo examples


We offer two styles: .

A) 2" wide for entire collar

B)2" wide in the centre, tapering to 1" at the rings.

Pricing: * 2" wide collar - $25.00 *1" wide collar - $20.00 - add $1 per inch for collar size over 12"


slip lead examples

Made of nylon webbing, 2" wide lined collar, with a 1" wide attached lead. Large light-weight metal D-rings for easy, quick slips. Same colors and trims available with your choice of black or cream lining. $30.00 -- add $1 per inch for collar size over 12"


We accept personal checks and Canadian e-transfers. Sorry, we are unable to accept credit card orders at this time. We have a shipping and handling charge which is dependent on the size of the order and the shipping method. Best way to order is via email, but you can reach us by phone at 604-856-5660. Please contact us for prices on large volume orders and for shipping/handling charges.

To measure for the Martingale Collar/Leash Combos, and Slip Leads - measure the neck snugly just behind the ears (the smallest part of the neck). For the Martingale Collars - measure the neck size (as above), plus the head size (in order for the collar to slip comfortably over the ears.

Please contact us via email at: Swiftsure


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