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  • Ladies Kennel Club of BC - PLEASE READ!

    Pre-assigned grooming - the majority of the building will be kept for pre-assigned grooming.  There will be space available for those who do not pre-book, but there will be no access to power from that area..
    Special notes:

    • Those who reserve grooming space will be given earlier access to set up
    • If you wish to bench with friends, please submit one reservation for your group
    • Requests for a particular area or near/next to friends can not be honored
    • There will be no refunds on grooming or RV bookings
    • The usual number of ceiling drops will be available and MUST BE SHARED

    Grooming reservations will close February 10th, or when all reservable space is booked.

    RV reservations will close February 15th before the show, and payment must be received by Feb 18th. .   Prepayment cost is $120 for spaces with power, $105 for dry camping.   There will be NO overnight parking allowed on Sunday - all RVs must be off the grounds by 8 pm.
    RV Parking with electrical - there are the usual number of outlets available, however, you may need extension cords/adaptors.


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    Grooming reservations closed











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